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Where the magic happens....aka...where I Scrapbook

No, I haven't forgot about this blog...just been busy...any extra time I have has been going towards finishing swaps for CKU.  I'm finishing up my last one this week!!  Woo-hoo, it's good to be almost done!!  Anyways, since I've been MIA I figure you deserve a "meaty" I'm gonna show you where I scrapbook.  Before we sold our house I had an awesome craft room/office that I loved, but once we moved into apartments finding a spot to create has been  So here's my current spot...

IttyBittySpace squished in the hallway between what is supposed to be a coat closet & the guest bathroom.  I am SO thankful for that coat closet though....since now it's a SB closet LOL.  Closet I store all my ppr in here (fyi: my patterned ppr is a mess & totally out of order now)...I keep patterned ppr by manufacturer stored horizontally on a shelf & solid color cardstock is stored in the 12 x 12 vertical storage ppr holder thingy.  In that pink crate I keep my alpha stickers...divided by color.

DeskShelves Here's what's on the shelves above my workspace.  Top shelf: unmounted rubber & clear acrylic stamps, Chipboard letters, Photos, Tools.  Bottom shelf: Ribbon, Buttons, SU! Ink Spots, Ppr Frills.  On my desktop I keep my AMM Tote-Ally with all my most used tools & adhesives.  I just deconstructed my bulletin board before I took this was covered & I mean covered with stuff.....products I wanted to use, quotes, pix, etc.....I needed a fresh start so down it came & now it's all cleared off & ready to be filled up again. 

Feet Now, where to put my feet, LOL.  There isn't much space for them.  I have a great little cart I got at Target that my MM paper trimmer sits on.  I recently cleaned out the cart from what it was holding & so now it holds my big punches, my bling & acrylic blocks, and misc frequently used stuff.  I have 8.5" x11" storage containers from a previous life (not my previous life LOL...they were previously used for something else) that currently hold theme stuff.  I wish they were 12 x 12 since that would be more convenient to fit SB stuff in, but a girl's gotta use what she's got (at least until DH doesn't care so much that I am constantly "improving" my storage solutions).  There's also a few transportable containers (12 x 12) were I keep current projects I'm working on & my newest products.

FlowersAndPaint Ok, now the part that my DH just loves...notice the sarcasms in my voice....the flowers & paint....conveniently stored above one of his file cabinets in his office (which is right next to the SB closet) just in case he wants to embellish some of his paperwork LOL.

Storage Then in his office he has a walk in closet....which holds, you guessed it, more SB stuff.  It's pretty much the stuff I don't' use regularly and is a mess & a half.

Ok, that's my space in a nut shell.  (PS - you can click on the pix for a larger view)

I'd love to see link me some pix of where you scrap!


Update: You can see my new scrap space progress here.


Brillante Weblog Premio- 2008

My creative friend Dawn nominated/tagged me.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:

1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs

So here are my nominations....all are my friends IRL and inspire me to be creative:

Lori - An awesome & crafty friend who is so fun to hang out with.

Deanna - Another awesome friend, photographer, and great mom to her two boys.

Kim - Even though she lives far away from me, I'm so thankful I met her & that we stay in contact.

Jessica - Or should I call her Super Woman?  I don't know how she does all that she does!  She's super crafty and such a fun lady to hang out with.

Susan - Such a fun lady!  Love her, love FF!!

Patter - I love that God brought her into my life & is a constant support for me....she's super crafty too & I love, love, love her sketches!

Bucket - Isn't that a great nickname?!  She's a crafty, generous lady who inspires me

On another note, I get my hair cut today....YIPPEE!  I've been trying to put it off so I could save some money and it's totally over due for a cut & color!!


So much

G-c I have so much going on right if you've emailed me, please know I'll get back to you eventually.  :D

We had to take our cat to the vet today....she's ok, but boy was that an expensive visit! 

So happy that I get to go out to Fins for dinner tonight...yum!!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend....I hope to get a lot of my CKU swap stuff finished this weekend....hopefully.



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