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Mixed Media Home Decor: Heart Frame

Confession time. We moved into our current home about 2 years ago and I've been so busy since then that I haven't really began to decorate until recently. (To make matters worse, I actually just unpacked a box that had been sitting in my office this whole time too, LOL!) In our family room we have a bunch of family photos up on the wall mixed with a few small pieces of artwork, but we had a little spot still left open that had been driving me nuts this whole time so I decided it was time to finally make something that would go there...and coincidentally I got an assignment from Faber Castell to play with some of their new stencils and create a video for them (you can watch that video here).

EB heart - home sweet homeSo here's how I created this can follow the step-by-step directions below, or check out this video:





1. Take your piece of Sticky Back Canvas and collage whatever type of ephemera you are using onto it using gel medium.

1- Home Sweet Home2.  Apply various colors of acrylic paint to your canvas to create a background.
1- Home Sweet Home
3. First stencil layer: Using this pattern from the 102 Collection of Stencils, take a baby wipe and remove the acrylic paint that shows through the stencil to create a pattern.

Another confession, I never clean my stencils so I had some orange spray mist on there that transferred onto my canvas...a cool serendipitous art moment!
1- Home Sweet Home
Second stencil layer: Using this stencil from the 102 Collection of stencils, continue to remove paint using a baby wipe.
1- Home Sweet HomeThird stencil layer: Using a make-up sponge apply various acrylic paints from the same color family over this stencil from the Doodle Collection of stencils.
1- Home Sweet HomeFourth stencil layer: Using a baby wipe apply white acrylic paint to this stencil from the Doodle Collection of stencils. 
1- Home Sweet HomeFifth stencil layer: Use this stencil from the 102 Collection of stencils to add another layer onto the canvas.
1- Home Sweet Home4. Use bubble wrap dipped in acrylic paint to add texture and patterns to the canvas.
1- Home Sweet HomeSixth stencil layer: Lastly, use this stencil from the Doodle Collection to add a final stenciled layer to the canvas.
1- Home Sweet Home5.  Add some brush strokes of acrylic paint to the canvas and then allow it to dry.
1- Home Sweet Home6. Once dry, use a charcoal pencil to create marks on the canvas and then use a wet paint brush over them to give them a painted look.
11- Home Sweet Home

7. Trace the heart pattern onto the backside of the canvas and cut it out.
1- Home Sweet HomeRemove the backing on the canvas and then insert it into the metal frame.
1- Home Sweet Home

8. Embellishing: Use a white pen to doodle onto the black chipboard letters and allow it to dry before adhering it to the canvas with double sided foam adhesive. On a scrap of white cardstock write "sweet home" and then cut it into a pennant shape and adhere it to the canvas with foam adhesive. Tie a ribbon through the whole so it can be hung up.

1- Home Sweet HomeAnd here's the final piece!

EB heart - home sweet home