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Mixed Media Altered Cigar Box

Today I'm sharing how I transformed a boring old cigar box I found at Goodwill into a fun artsy box.

Cigar Box  - Finished2

Supplies Used:


Below are the steps I took to create this, but you can also check out this video I made on the process to see it in action:


I started off by covering the outside of the box with Gesso and allowing it to dry.

Cigar Box 1 -Gesso


Next, I lightly dry brushed on some blue-green acrylic paint over the lid and then covered it in Copper Texture Luxe.  (If you've followed my artwork you know I'm obsessed with the Copper one! It gives such a fun metalic texture to my projects!)
Cigar Box 1 -Gesso


After that dried I taped off the beveled edge of the lid and then placed one of my favorite stencils on top. I then covered it with Whipped Spackle using my spatula.
Cigar Box 1 -Gesso


Before removing the stencil I picked up an alphabet stamp I had and stamped into the Whipped Spackle to give it a bit more texture.
Cigar Box 1 -Gesso

I seriously LOVE how that looks!
Cigar Box 1 -Gesso


After that dried I took out my acrylic paints and randomly painted in each of the fractured pieces from the stencil.
Cigar Box 1 -Gesso


I also gave the sides of the bottom of the box an underpainting with the same colors of paint and then used the same stencil and paints to create a pattern. After that dried I outlined each of the fractures with a black PITT Artist Pen and then added copper dots using the end of my paintbrush and the Copper Texture Luxe.

Cigar Box 6 - Texture Luxe Embellishment
Cigar Box 1 -Gesso


While everything was drying I took my metal embellishment, which was originally silver, and covered it with...yep, you guessed it...more Copper Texture Luxe! After that dried I filled back in the lettering using a PITT Artist Pen and then went to work stringing beads onto the copper wire and then adhering all of the beadwork, metal piece, some feathers, and trim onto the lid of the box.

Cigar Box  - Finished - CloseUp2


This was so fun to make!
Cigar Box  - Finished - CloseUp3

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