Valentine's Day Wreath
2017 Daily Art Journal - March Week 1

February Daily Art Journal


For 2017 I decided to try something a bit different for myself and work in smaller art journals every day. I did this so that I would get back in the habit of art journaling daily, which I got out of doing at the end of last year because I got so busy with work. By having it small (3.5" x 5.5") it's not too hard to squeeze something onto the page each day.  Now of course some days I could actually complete the page, other days I barely got something on, but the the point of creating a habit was a great one.

Here's a bit more about the art journals I'm using and what I did in February:

(click here to see it on YouTube)

Now I know you want to see more about the little journals I used. They are these Moleskine ones and they come in a set of 12, plus the box that keeps them all together...well, until I add my art to them and make them too big to stuff into the box!


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