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Mixed Media Home Decor: Heart Frame

Confession time. We moved into our current home about 2 years ago and I've been so busy since then that I haven't really began to decorate until recently. (To make matters worse, I actually just unpacked a box that had been sitting in my office this whole time too, LOL!) In our family room we have a bunch of family photos up on the wall mixed with a few small pieces of artwork, but we had a little spot still left open that had been driving me nuts this whole time so I decided it was time to finally make something that would go there...and coincidentally I got an assignment from Faber Castell to play with some of their new stencils and create a video for them (you can watch that video here).

EB heart - home sweet homeSo here's how I created this can follow the step-by-step directions below, or check out this video:





1. Take your piece of Sticky Back Canvas and collage whatever type of ephemera you are using onto it using gel medium.

1- Home Sweet Home2.  Apply various colors of acrylic paint to your canvas to create a background.
1- Home Sweet Home
3. First stencil layer: Using this pattern from the 102 Collection of Stencils, take a baby wipe and remove the acrylic paint that shows through the stencil to create a pattern.

Another confession, I never clean my stencils so I had some orange spray mist on there that transferred onto my canvas...a cool serendipitous art moment!
1- Home Sweet Home
Second stencil layer: Using this stencil from the 102 Collection of stencils, continue to remove paint using a baby wipe.
1- Home Sweet HomeThird stencil layer: Using a make-up sponge apply various acrylic paints from the same color family over this stencil from the Doodle Collection of stencils.
1- Home Sweet HomeFourth stencil layer: Using a baby wipe apply white acrylic paint to this stencil from the Doodle Collection of stencils. 
1- Home Sweet HomeFifth stencil layer: Use this stencil from the 102 Collection of stencils to add another layer onto the canvas.
1- Home Sweet Home4. Use bubble wrap dipped in acrylic paint to add texture and patterns to the canvas.
1- Home Sweet HomeSixth stencil layer: Lastly, use this stencil from the Doodle Collection to add a final stenciled layer to the canvas.
1- Home Sweet Home5.  Add some brush strokes of acrylic paint to the canvas and then allow it to dry.
1- Home Sweet Home6. Once dry, use a charcoal pencil to create marks on the canvas and then use a wet paint brush over them to give them a painted look.
11- Home Sweet Home

7. Trace the heart pattern onto the backside of the canvas and cut it out.
1- Home Sweet HomeRemove the backing on the canvas and then insert it into the metal frame.
1- Home Sweet Home

8. Embellishing: Use a white pen to doodle onto the black chipboard letters and allow it to dry before adhering it to the canvas with double sided foam adhesive. On a scrap of white cardstock write "sweet home" and then cut it into a pennant shape and adhere it to the canvas with foam adhesive. Tie a ribbon through the whole so it can be hung up.

1- Home Sweet HomeAnd here's the final piece!

EB heart - home sweet home


Be Strong & Courageous! {Art Journaling}

I have been so busy lately that I don't have a lot of solid art journaling time right now (or time to do laundry, wash my car.....) so the other day I pushed aside all the million other things I had to do and had did a little art journaling.  

I SO needed that!

Side note to myself: make time for art!!!!  -I don't know why I allow myself to push off my non-deadline art endeavors off like that since it fuels my soul and gives me a chance to breathe.  

And here's the finished page:
Be Strong and Couragous 3 - Erin Bassett Mixed Media Art Journal

This verse, Joshua 1:9, has been really on my heart a lot lately.  We are just finishing up studying the Life of Moses at Bible Study Fellowship and the week we went over the corresponding verses in Deuteronomy 31 where just before Moses died God commissioned Joshua to follow in Moses' footsteps and take over leading the people.  -Talk about big shoes to fill on the unknown journey into the land that God had promised to Israel so long before.
Be Strong and Couragous 3 - Erin Bassett Mixed Media Art Journal
I feel like I've been on an unknown journey too, and although I can't wait to see how my story will work out I have fears and lack confidence sometimes along the way and being reminded that the Lord is with me wherever I go is comforting since I need Him to guide me as we slowly journey along.



This post is not sponsored by Bible Study Fellowship (BSF), but they are a fantastic organization that helps people around the study God's Word daily and know Jesus in all His fullness.  If you'd like more information about BSF or how to join one of the many interdenominational classes around the world, click HERE.

The next study is on the book of Revelation!  I'm so excited to study it since I haven't ever personally studied it out verse by verse.



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What if we treated people like our favorite pet?

I'm way behind on sharing the art journal swap pages I've been doing...but let's just forget that and jump right in to the most recent one I did. :)

The person who's journal I had is a cat person. I'm a cat and dog person so that worked for me! Here's the page I came up with from a paraphrase of a great quote I found not too long ago by Martin Delany, the original quote is:

"If we treated everyone we meet with the same affection we bestow upon our favorite cat, they, too, would purr."

I love the compassion in that quote!

Mixed media cat


I started off by putting some washi tape around the boarder of the pages and then gessoing the them. Next I did some imperfect image transfers using magazine pages and Americana Decoupage
Mixed media cat

After that was dry I used some water soluble wax pastels to make marks on the page.
Mixed media cat


I then did an image transfer of the cat and the pages using Americana Acrylic Paint. I hand cut a few hearts out of patterned paper scraps I had and used a charcoals pencil on them and around the cat
Mixed media cat


And then it was time to stamp...meow.
Mixed media cat

Mixed media cat



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Art Journaling: Together In Life

I'm waaaaaayyyy behind on posting my art journal pages here on my blog, so instead of going back to the older ones, here's one I did the other day...

Art Journal - Together1 - Erin Bassett

Sometimes life is life with people gets complicated! Boy, I could totally relate the other night to the "spinster" in the book I had been reading who lives a simple life way out in the boondocks since at that moment in time I thought about how nice it would be to be her and not have to compromise on decisions with my Husband or have to deal with all the stuff I have on my plate right now. But that's not real life for me. In real life I choose to deal with it and live in a family in good times and bad.

After dealing with all that STUFF and getting a chance to talk with my Husband, I decided to clear a path on my workbench so I could art a little bit. Art is therapy! And this is the page I came up with.

Here's some close-ups...
Art Journal - Together1 - Erin Bassett
Art Journal - Together1 - Erin Bassett
Art Journal - Together1 - Erin BassettI used Stencil Girl stencils from May's kit on it along with my favorite DecoArts Americana paint colors (Desert Turquoise, Ice Blue, Hauser Dark Green, Houser Medium Green, Houser Light Green, Golden Straw, Pumpkin, Melon, Black), a bunch of scrap papers and even map pages from an old Thomas Guide map book. All the black outlines were done with a charcoal pencil and smudged out with water.


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