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Mother's Day Kids Craft

Need to squeeze in a handmade kids craft before Mother's Day?  Here's an easy one that can use up a few of those recycled jars you've been saving!

Kids Crafts - Mothers Day Flower Jar Title

Supplies Needed: 

Kids Crafts - Mothers Day Flower Jar TitleAs a former pre-school teacher I've done this craft with 2yr olds on up. Before we begin I always explain to them that these are glass jars and that they may break if we aren't careful with them. I then show them how to apply the Mod Podge "glue" to a section of the jar and then place a tissue paper square on and then let them go to town doing it themselves only helping when asked.
Kids Crafts - Mothers Day Flower Jar Title
Kids Crafts - Mothers Day Flower Jar Title
Kids Crafts - Mothers Day Flower Jar TitleAfter the kids are finished with the jars I make sure the jar is coated in Mod Podge and allow them to dry over night. They next day they are ready to fill with flowers or you can place a tea light (I like to use the fake ones) inside as a luminary candle holder.
Kids Crafts - Mothers Day Flower Jar TitleSo easy and they turn out pretty cute!!
Kids Crafts - Mothers Day Flower Jar Title


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Jazz up your coffee sleeve!

Today's the day I finish up my term on the Faber-Castell guest design team. (Boo-hoo!) I have a blog post up over there with a tutorial on how I upcycled this Starbucks coffee sleeve and altered it to be a bit more artsy!

Jazz up your coffee sleeve!

It was pretty quick to make since they are so small, but I think it really has a big impact! 

Mixed Media Coffee Sleeve - CloseUp1

Now I'll always know which coffee is mine.  :)

In other news, guess where I am right now?  Inspiration Unlimited!  I can't wait to tell you all about it next week when I'm home.  It's always so fun to see everyone's kind of like a reunion LOL.  And there's always great projects there too.  So fun!

Also, tomorrow is the last day to enter to win this True Scrap 4 go enter to win if you haven't already!


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Mod Podge Rocks! Fabric Covered Books

This blog post was featured on Mod Podge Rocks blog and I'm re-posting it here for all of you.   Also, in more Mod Podge news, I recently had the joy of having one of my projects published in the book Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your's a great book with so many great ideas in it!


Hi everyone, today I'm going to share with you a quick project that will really spiff up your's also perfect for you art journalers who like to work in books!

image from
Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books 1

I love to use book around my home as part of the decor.  It's a great way to add visual interest and sometimes give a favorite item a boost in it's height.  My only problem is that books covers don't aways "go" with my here's a great way to change it.

Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - Supplies
Just grab some books, Mod Podge (I used a matte finish), fabric, scissors, brayer, and an old hotel room key (or even a piece of cardboard will do), and some paper towels to clean up any excess.

For projects like this I like to put some Mod Podge into a squeezable container so that it's easier to control and I'm less likely to dump out too much.  You can see that I'm not really a "clean" crafter & I already made a mess just transferring it...but I'm sure you'll be much neater about it.  ;)

Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - Supplies2


Start off by squirting out some Mod Podge all over one side of your book.

Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - step1

Next use the hotel key to spread it all over.  Make sure that you cover it completely, especially the grove near the spine.

Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - step2


Then apply the fabric, smoothing it out with your hands and the brayer.  If you happen to see that it's not sticking well somewhere you can add a bit more Mod Podge under the fabric and smooth it down again.

When you're done with one side, flip it over and do the spine and the other side.

Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - step3

Next, open the book up.  Cut small slits near the spine and trim down the spine piece.

Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - step4

Then you're ready to adhere the "flaps" down to the inside covers.  Since I am using these as decor I'm not too worried about what it's going to look like on the inside, so I just glued them down with Mod Podge.  If that's going to bother you then you can always cover up the inside cover with another piece of fabric after you glue down the flaps.

Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - step5


For the corners, I just folded them like I was gift wrapping a box and made sure that they had plenty of Mod Podge in the layers of the fabric. 

Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - step6


After the edges are adhered, apply some Mod Podge to the spine piece and tuck it down in the may have to use tweezers or some sort of tool to get it down there if it's tight.
Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - step6


And that's it!!  They are really quick to make and they don't take too much time to dry either.  



Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - step6


Erin Bassett - Fabric Covered Books - step6

Go grab those books you have just laying around and get them covered!!




Erin Bassett


Erin Bassett writes the blog creativitE and considers it a blessing to be able to call her passion "work". She has been published in many books and magazines including Mod Podge Rocks!: Decoupage Your World. Erin is a craft addict who loves to do something creative every day. Her current loves are mixed media art, scrapbooking, papercrafts, sewing, and screen printing. 

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Giveaway from Shoe Attitude!

Shoe Attitude
Remember that cool product I told you about from the CHA winter trade show that allows you to alter and customize your shoes and turn your plain shoes into awesome one of a kind ones?  Well they, Shoe Attitude, wants to do a giveaway for you lucky blog readers!!


Shoe Attitude2 - CHA 2012


Shoe Attitude is a film that you can print any design you want to on with your computer printer and then adhere to your shoe.  It's really easy to use, check out this short video on how to use it:


To enter the giveaway....

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Altered Candy Jar

Happy 1/1/11!  

With the holidays I've slowed down a bit in blogging so I feel like I have a thousand things to blog about today!  However, I'll spare you the super long post and just try to get back on track with blogging this week.  ;)

Since it's the first of the month there's a new challenge up on the Imaginisce blog...this month it's a green one....a found object altered challenge, and here's my altered Starbucks Frappuccino bottle!  I need to fill it up with candy...but tulle will work in the meanwhile. :)

BLOG Erin Bassett - Imaginisce - Altered Frap bottle
So with this challenge comes a way for you to win $75 worth of Imaginisce products!  Just grab an old item, or something that can be re-purposed and re-used and then using at a minimum of 75% Imaginisce product, alter your found item.  Post it HERE before January 25th.


AND, here's a second way to win....just participate in the Imaginisce Design Team blog hop by hopping by the blogs listed HERE and leaving a comment on each blog for a chance to win this set + MORE, valued at over $50:

What a great start to a New Year!!  Good luck!


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